A FRUSTRATED resident said she is “disgusted” at the amount of plastic litter in Harwich and Dovercourt not being cleared up.

Toni Chamberlain, of Bullfinch Drive, Dovercourt, is calling on refuse collectors to keep her street clear or rubbish.

Toni, who leaves her recycling box in Gravel Hill Way, Dovercourt, said the boxes regularly blow down the road and leave a trail of plastic bottles and packaging behind.

The mother-of-three said: “It happens all the time.

“The tiny bins the council gives us just blow down the street and litter goes everywhere.

“Plastic bottles and other bits of rubbish and wrapping are all the way down the road.

“We are supposed to care and recycle these plastics but the people who pick up the bins show a complete lack of care and it is not the first time it’s happened.

“We are being told on the news that we are destroying this world and Tendring Council clearly has not told their bin men that.

“The bin men are not picking up the plastics and litter, which is blown on the road.

“They could have not missed it if they were blind.”

She said she has contacted Tendring Council previously to no avail.

A Tendring Council spokesman said the recycling boxes were designed with a lid to prevent material being blown across roads, and also to be large enough for a household to put two weeks’ worth of recycling into them.

“With the introduction of wheelie bins next summer, we also hope general waste being blown around will be reduced as we move away from black bags,” he added.

“Refuse collectors are not able to collect all litter as they have to complete their rounds. However, our street cleaning hit team is able to target areas, if we are made aware of them.”

To report a build-up of litter, email

environmental.services@tendringdc.gov.uk or call 01255 686767.