A CONTROVERSIAL call system at the largest surgery in Dovercourt has been replaced.

Mayflower Medical Centre, in Main Road, launched its “long awaited” new phoning system for patients last week.

A post on the surgery’s Facebook page said the new system means there will be more receptionists available to take calls and patients will be able to connect to the appropriate department for them from the phone menu.

It also said patients will be told where they are in the call queue and staff can monitor the number of incoming calls throughout the day to better organise the surgery’s team.

It replaces a system launched in 2013 where patients had to call the centre and give their details to a receptionist who gave them an estimated time slot of when a doctor could call them back to discuss the best course of action.

But registered patient Kathy Gow said the new system is “dreadful” and a “tragedy waiting to happen”.

Kathy, of Parkeston, said: “With the new system, I have had to call again and again after having X-rays done.

“It takes ages to get through and I was put in a queue.

“I wanted my test results and was just told to call back which I did.

“Days later I still can’t get through to talk to a doctor about my results.”