A 100-year-old lychgate memorial is being moved to a village's cemetery after a two year battle.

The lychgate was built at St Paul's Church in Parkeston after the First World War as a memorial to those who died.

It went on to also feature the names of those who died in the Second World War.

But in 2014 the church, in Makins Road, was closed and put up for sale.

Councillor Bill Davidson said: "They sold the church to a private developer.

"We put in a request that we can have the lychgate, which they agreed.

"But it took two years to get permission to get it moved.

"It's all oak, it's a beautiful thing."

The lychgate is being moved to the front of Parkeston cemetery off Parkeston Road to protect its future and ensure residents can still see it.

Lin Keating, parish council clerk, said: "It is with great pleasure to be able to confirm the parish council has now obtained authorisation to re-site the lychgate to the front of Parkeston Cemetery.

"This will not only ensure the upkeep of the memorial but will make an attractive entrance to the cemetery for visitors.

"A Smith and Son builders have been contracted to carry out the works that have already commenced - so if villagers see work at St Paul's Church on the lychgate there is no reason for concern.

"The council is also planning to renovate the cemetery chapel so it can eventually be used for services."

It is hoped the lychgate will be joined by two 6ft Tommy figures - part of the There But Not There Armistice art project - at Ramsey War Memorial Hall and Parkeston cemetery to mark the centenary commemoration of the end of the First World War.