A YOUTH holiday club has scored big with two new table tennis sets.

Mistley Kids Club has been given the tables from the Jack Petchey Foundation and Table Tennis England as part of a table tennis project for schools and clubs.

The youth club, which has been running for 19 years, said table tennis is now the most popular activity at its Furze Hill centre in Mistley.

Claire Moss, club manager, said: “We are like one big happy family where everyone is treated equally and help each other.

“We were given two old tables which were much loved and well used but when they fell apart we were distraught.

“Our new tables are just what we need.

“Playing table tennis offers us a unique partnership for our young people to play and grow together.

“Even those with limited speech get excited and vocal.”

Claire said: “The older ones get to show how they can be a leader.

“They arrange fixtures, keep scores and referee the matches giving them a real sense of responsibility.

“Table tennis is played every day on these new tables and it’s making a big difference to everyone at the youth club.”