A RESIDENT has hit out that a bus ramp built three years ago has never been used.

Allan Howard, says the bus ramp was installed in in Oakley Road, Dovercourt.

But he said he doesn’t understand why it was built.

The 68-year-old said: “All this money was spent putting a ramp there but there was never a bus stop there in the first place and there still isn’t.

“I am not disabled but there are several people in the area who use mobility scooters who could be affected.”

Mr Howard, of Hazelville Close, said the closest bus stop with ramp access is the Tollgate Post Office bus stop, in Main Road, which is a six-minute walk from his house.

The disused bus ramp in Oakley Road is about a two-minute walk from this house.

He added: “It just seems crazy that a ramp was built as it is never used.”

An Essex County Council spokesman said: “Bus routes and stops change, so particular areas of raised kerbs may end up not getting used for a period.

“However, raised kerbs don’t need to be removed and can always be put to good use if a bus route does need a stop there.”