A GREEN warrior has answered a school’s garden SOS call to transform an overgrown patch of land into an outdoor learning space for pupils.

School children from Two Village Primary, in Ramsey, called on parents and residents to come forward to help clear and plant the space in April.

Ainsley Bird, a self-employed landscape gardener from Great Oaktree Land Services in Great Oakley, heard about the school’s plea and has offered to step in to help cut down the overgrown plants and create the learning area which will be suitable for children of all ages in the school.

Ainsley said: “It’s an overwhelming job, and I can see why the school sent out an SOS because it’s going to be a huge task to get it back under control.

“But once we do that, it will be a lot easier to maintain and the children will have great fun working with new plants and learning about wildlife.

He added: “As it stands, it’s such a wasted opportunity.

“It’s heart-breaking the garden cannot be accessed or used at the moment, especially when you can see the work the children carried out within the space before it became overgrown.

“I’m a real ambassador for outside learning and even though I don’t have children at this school, I know how important this is for our younger generation and how much of a positive impact it can have on their learning.”