RUN-DOWN iconic lighthouses are in line for restoration after fears were raised the historic structures were being left to rust away.

A survey has been carried out on the two Victorian lighthouses at Dovercourt Bay.

It came after Harwich councillor Garry Calver called for action to safeguard them and branded them as a negative focal point for the town.

The survey, commissioned by lighthouse owner Tendring Council, says they are structurally sound.

But work is still needed to restore the pair to their former glory.

Mr Calver said: “It took longer than officers originally anticipated to complete the structural surveys as the conditions in which the surveyors were working were less than ideal.

“However, the outcome has been positive and the next phase is how best to undertake the restoration work. I am very pleased with how things are going.”

The cast-iron lighthouses were built by Trinity House in 1863 and were used until 1917 to guide ships around Landguard Point - when the two lighthouses were aligned it showed you were on the right course.

In the 1980s, the community raised £20,000 to restore them.

Mr Calver said he has been told a meeting is now set to take place between Tendring Council officers and Historic England to ensure everyone is content with how the restoration will be carried out.

It is hoped the restoration work will take place early next year.

Mr Calver added: “This is a large and complex undertaking and I fully appreciate that it is very much a case of one step at a time.

“However, it is clear that everyone is focussed on ensuring restoration takes place and I am very pleased with the progress being made.”

A Tendring Council spokesman said: “We have received the condition survey back from our specialist contractor and are in the process of digesting the content.

“Once we have an understanding of the works required, discussions will need to take place with Historic England prior to a decision being taken on how to move forward.”