A CHILDREN’S fun run has been launched in Harwich to bring fitness education to the next generation.

Every Sunday the Junior Park Run is being held in Cliff Park in Dovercourt for youngsters aged four to 14.

The 2k run has been set up by Kris Dalby, who lost 15 stone after joining the adult park run in the town.

Wife Rhia said: “He started the couch to 5k when his health needed a kick start.

“He then progressed to the Harwich adult park run and now has lost over 15 stone and has many runs behind him including a half marathon.

“He wanted others to know no matter your size or health or ability you can do it it is possible and if we start with the children hopefully the education will follow each generation.

“Kris could barely walk the route at first now he has had personal bests and amazing results.

“He knew of other junior park runs across the country and even the world and wanted to bring it to our area. It’s fun and it’s free and the smiles on those children are priceless as they cross the finish line.”

The junior run starts at the bandstand at 9am and goes along the promenade past the lighthouse before heading back to the park for the finish line.

Rhia added: “Kris has addressed our children’s school and got them doing the daily mile.

“We had an open session and parents joined in and the school has kept this up every day ever since.

“The joy of the park run adult or junior is you don’t have to run you can walk and there is always somewhere there with you to see you round.

“It’s a wonderful team effort from all the volunteers and the support to every member is just fantastic.”

For more information visit the Harwich park run Facebook page.