CAMPAIGNERS are rallying for residents to object against plans to build a controversial housing estate.

An action group has been formed in a bid to stop 65 homes being built on land near Trinity Road, in Mistley.

The proposal for the homes was first submitted in 2011 but has not been progressed.

However, ut the applicant lodged an updated detailed design and access statement for the homes earlier this year which sparked controversy among residents.

Villagers have now formed an action group and its members have made posters, signs and placards about the problems with the development.

Peter Shakespeare, of Trinity Road, is the driving force behind the action group.

The 65-year-old said the major concerns the group has is that the land is part of a green gap and the site is within a conservation area.

He said: “What is more worrying for residents living either in Trinity Road or nearby is that the road is already a rat run, the pavements are not contiguous and a fair number of vulnerable residents who live in Acorn Village use Trinity Road daily to access local amenities.

“ Alongside this it would appear that the minimum requirement of five years housing land supply within Tendring has been exceeded and that the local infrastructure is already overburdened.”

Mr Shakespeare said the group is now trying to get together hard evidence about the impact further development in the area will have on residents.

He said the group is keeping in touch with councillors and planning officers at Tendring Council so they can track the various stages of the application process.

The aim of the group is to also encourage local people to continue expressing their views on the application through Tendring Council’s website.

There are 152 objections against the development on Tendring Council’s website.

Mr Shakespeare said: “It’s about how to make more of an impact and trying to understand the application process.

“We want to be in a position with a united front in our evidence.”

The group also is also in contact with other housing campaign groups.

Brooks Leney declined to comment, saying it does not comment on current applications.