A PIRATE radio broadcast over 11 days is set to celebrate offshore radio stations and the 60th anniversary of Harwich’s own LV18.

Radio Mi Amigo will return to the local airwaves on August 9.

The 11-day Pirate Radio event will transmit across North Essex and South Suffolk from the last-manned lightship, the LV18, moored at Harwich Quay.

Organisers say 35 DJ’s are coming from near and far to transmit from the classic lightship.

Tony O’Neill, station manager, said: “Radio Mi Amigo will be taking advantage of a restricted service broadcast licence from Ofcom to transmit a professional 11-day broadcast, from the historic maritime vessel LV18 on Harwich Quay.

“This tribute to the offshore pirate radio stations will celebrate the likes of Radio Caroline, Radio London and several others that appeared off the coast of Harwich in the 1960s bringing about a revolution in radio broadcasting.

“Following the previous pirate radio broadcasts from LV18, which attracted thousands of visitors to the area, Radio Mi Amigo will bring back some of the original DJ’s from the watery wireless days to return to Harwich again to broadcast from the bridge of the lightvessel.”

Other events are planned including a Mods and Rockers visit to Harwich Quay.

Tony added: “This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the LV18 which was built for Trinity House and launched in 1958.

“A celebratory event will be held on board the vessel on August 14.

“A public fireworks party will be held from the vessel in the evening at around 8.30pm.”

For more information visit lv18radio.uk