A CONCERNED mum is calling for cyclists to stay off pavements after her four-year-old was hit in the head by a teenager using his phone while riding on a path.

Zoe Wilson, 43, was a few doors away from her home in Main Road, Dovercourt, when a cyclist on his phone riding on the path knocked into her daughter Aria.

She said the cyclist, believed to be between 12 and 15 years old, hit Aria on Saturday at about midday with his handlebars as she tried to move out of the way as he approached.

She said: “Aria is only four and her head was level with the handlebars and a mark did come up, and she cried.

“She was scared and I was shocked and cross, so the cyclist stopped and said sorry but then went back on his phone and still rode on the pavement. He clearly didn’t learn from this incident.”

When Zoe got home, she comforted Aria, who was shaken up but not badly injured, and then reported the incident to the police with a description of the cyclist.

She said: “My husband Scott was worried and not amused by the situation.

“It was the fact the cyclist carried on riding along the path.

“I accept his apology, but he clearly did not learn.”

Zoe, who volunteers for Home Start and has lived in Dovercourt since 2003, said she is out most days with Aria and often sees many people cycling on the pavement near her home.

“I just think if cyclists are on the path and see someone coming, they should either go on the road or push their bikes on the pavement,” she added.

“Luckily my daughter was OK, but it could have been a different story.

“If he had of been going faster it could have been so much worse and something needs to be done about cyclists on paths.

“Some cyclists say the roads are too dangerous, but that is not an excuse.”