OLD favourites like an egg and spoon race, bean bag throw and penalty shoot-outs were the last of a summer’s worth of activities run by an advice charity for youngsters.

Teen Talk’s obstacle course and presentation at Parkeston Hub brought their summer programme for young people, aged 11 to 16-year-olds, to an end.

The Harwich organisation offers support services for 11 to 25-year-olds across Tendring, giving them someone to talk to in times of crisis and offers advice.

But this summer was about keeping the youngsters occupied.

Activities co-ordinator Fern Lovett said: “Quite a lot of young people were telling us there’s nothing for them to do in the area and wanted somewhere they could meet new people and feel more included.

“For the 11-year-olds going to secondary school this September, they could meet new friends before they go.

“There’s also a lot of young people from Manningtree High School, for example, who don’t know many people in Harwich and don’t have the money to travel so to have somewhere for them to socialise is really important.”

This is the third year Teen Talk ran the scheme and organisers say they have found it is growing in popularity.

More events are planned for later this year and there is a Teen Talk Youth Forum and other groups for varied interests.

For more information, help, or to get involved, call 01255 504800 or 01255 240024.