A yellow weather warning for rain and wind had been issued for Sunday across the East of England.

The Met Office has put the two warnings in place for throughout the day.

The warning for rain lasts from 6am until midnight.

The Met Office website said: "During Sunday there is the potential for a developing weather system to track across southern UK, which is likely to bring a swathe of persistent and at times heavy rain, as well the potential for strong winds.

"Whilst there remains some uncertainty in the precise track and intensity of the system, and thus the location of the heaviest, most persistent rainfall, many places could see 20-30mm, with up to 50mm possible in some isolated spots.

"With strong winds also forecast in places, and recent heavy rain, drains and culverts blocked by debris could mean impacts in places which would not normally be affected by these rainfall amounts."

The warning for wind is in place from 9am on Sunday.

The website said: "During Sunday there is the potential for a spell of strong winds and a swathe of persistent heavy rain to affect southern Britain.

"The exact timing and intensity of the associated weather system still remains uncertain, but there is potential for strong winds to develop across the west early on Sunday, strengthening further as the system tracks eastwards.

"Should these occur parts of East Anglia and South East England might also suffer some coastal impacts from large waves, particularly at times of high tide. Winds should ease from the west later on Sunday."