A COLLECTION of "big heads" have been re-homed by a company to keep a town's annual tradition running for years to come.

DSV Global Transport and Logistics, in Parkeston, has offered to store about 90 giant papier-mâché heads which are used each year for Harwich's Guy Carnival.

The heads, which have marched through the streets of Harwich for six decades, were kept at Trinity House, in The Quay, until last month due to the company needing more workspace.

So an appeal was launched by carnival organisers to encourage the community to find a place to re-home the "homeless big heads" in time for this year's carnival in November.

DSV Global Transport and Logistics heard about the appeal and offered space in one of its workshops to store the heads.

Wendy Taylor-Jones, who makes the heads, said: "They were incredibly helpful and have offered us a lovely big space in one of their workshops.

"I looked at the space and it will make a fantastic home for our crazy characters more luxury than they’ve ever known before.

"I would like to thank everybody who has helped, made suggestions and offers, it’s great to know there is so much community support for the carnival and especially the big heads tradition - we are really grateful to everyone."

The carnival is taking place on Saturday, October 27 at 6pm.

DSV Global Transport and Logistics has been contacted for comment.