TEENAGERS are being pressured to fight each other at a skate park with some of the brawls being posted on social media, it has been claimed.

A concerned parent has launched an action group on Facebook after her son was spurred in to a fight at Dovercourt Skate Park which was recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

The mum created the group in a bid to get parents to prevent youngsters egging each other on to fight at the park again.

In a Facebook post she said it was upsetting to find out her son was involved in a fight which was uploaded to You Tube on September 24.

She said: “The police are now looking in to this and will also be checking CCTV.

“I mentioned to the officer about getting parents involved in a Neighbourhood Watch patrol to just wonder past local hangouts and report anything that needs to be reported, and to also make ourselves known so kids know they are being watched to hopefully prevent things escalating further.”

Another mum from Dovercourt, who wants to remain anonymous, said: “I’ve stopped my son from going down there until it all calms down.

“A large majority of the kids, young and older are fine, it’s just a few who ruin it.”

The state-of-the-art skate park was reopened in April after a £220,000 refurbishment for skateboarders, in-liners, BMX and scooter riders.

It was built by Maverick Industries on the same site next to Dovercourt Bay Lifestyles.

Jo Henderson, Harwich councillor who helped raise money for the skate park’s refurbishment, said: “I did vaguely see something on social media about the fighting, but nobody has contacted myself.

“But something as serious as that should be a police issue.

“I would urge any parent to contact the police immediately if more fighting happens.

“People should go into the swimming pool nearby for safety if they are scared.

“If a child is being attacked then it needs to be stopped from happening again urgently.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: "We were contacted with reports of a child being incited to fight in Wick Lane, Harwich, on September 24.

"Enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information should call the Harwich community policing team on 101 quoting reference 42/143159/18."