A DOG owner has called for more action after her pet pooch was attacked on a walk.

Lyne Wager has thanked the passers by and neighbours who stopped their cars and came out of their homes to help her when her dog Chase was attacked in Little Oakley last week.

The 55-year-old former special constable was walking her two-year-old Cavapoo, a cross between a poodle and a cavalier King Charles spaniel, last Wednesday.

She was on Harwich Road in the village, not far from her home in Seaview Avenue, when a white and brown Staffordshire bull terrier cross type dog came running from a footpath.

She said: “It noticed us and it just ran growling towards us.

“I tried to move Chase out of the way but the dog just bit into his back, I then was trying to swing my dog still attached on his lead around to get him out the way, but the dog just kept letting go of one area then biting him in another.

“All the time I was screaming to get this dog off, Chase was yelping and was trying to get away.

“By this time people started to come out of their houses and the traffic also stopped in the road, this went on for around five minutes.

“Chase managed to escape his collar and just ran into the middle of the road amongst all the cars that had stopped, whilst being chased by this dog.

“The owner arrived and tried calling his dog and eventually the dog stopped in the middle of the road and back to the man.

“I was just screaming Chase as I had no idea where he went.

“There were two wonderful ladies who helped, one took my lead to go and find him and another man and children went looking for him, whilst a lady was trying to comfort me.”

Lyne found Chase back at her home shaking.

He has narrowly avoided needing stitches but has been put on anti-biotics, painkillers and needed his wounds washed.

Lyne, who works for Ford, has called for all dogs to be kept on leads near main roads.

She added: “Any dog that doesn’t get on well with any other animal should be on a lead also and any badly behaved dog should definitely be muzzled.

"I reported it to the police who said unless it bites a human there is not a lot they can do.

“There should be some action possible - what if next time its someone who cant help their dog or they have a child with them, I often take my grandchildren with me to walk the dog I don't know what I would have done.

“Every night so far my thoughts just turn to that night and I keep thinking what should have I done different, and now when I walk with the dog I am absolutely terrified.

"I was a Special Constable for Essex Police years ago and I can tell you this was more terrifying then splitting up fights.

“But I am overwhelmed with the kindness and help that I received from my lovely neighbours who all came to help me.”