RISING stars headed to a high school to empower and inspire students how to beat bulling through the power of music.

Harwich and Dovercourt High School students were visited by former X Factor contestant Luena Martinez, 19, singer Asher Knight, 21, and winner of last year's Open Mic UK songwriter of the year Denis Coleman, 15 on Friday.

The trio are part of a programme called the Power of Muzik, which uses music therapy techniques to educate young people going through personal challenges, mental health issues and bullying.

CeCe Sammy, celebrity vocal coach and mentor to X Factor and The Voice stars, is the creator of the Power of Muzik.

CeCe said: "The three of them have been having such a good time at the high school.

"There was a concert and they talked about how to feel good about themselves and feel like they don't have to be like anyone else.

"They got the students dancing and got the children to speak to each other about mental health and bullying."

She said each session ended with the artists sharing their own personal experiences and struggles, demonstrating how each overcame adversity and conquered their fears through the power of music.

She said: "Asher had his tooth knocked out and used to hide in a cupboard.

"Luena had bad depression, and Denis plays violin which has help with his mental health."

Cece has been in the music industry for two decades and has got the Power of Muzik to visit dozens of school across the country.

She added:"If you are being bullied, speak to parents and friends and keep open discussion between everyone and learn to overcome things."

To find out more about the Power of Muzik visit www.powerofmuzik.com.