POLICE have made arrests following two violent incidents across Tendring last night.

Officers from Harwich and Clacton were called to "distinctly violent incidents" during the evening.

Victims were taken to A&E by ambulance accompanied by officers.

Both are expected to make full recoveries.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "Fast track action and good old fashioned leg work from senior officers resulted in the various suspects being arrested and significant forensic recovery."

There are no further suspects at large and the risk to the public has been removed.

He added: "This post is not intended to highlight violence in the district but to illustrate that our officers no matter what rank are always on call to put themselves in danger, to assist victims and find the suspects.

"Likewise they are always on call to implement specialist skills such as trauma fist aid, working with medical staff, forensic work, scene preservation and evidence gathering."

Enquires are ongoing.