A CONVICTED murderer who is serving a life sentence brutally stabbed a fellow inmate during a frenzied attack, leaving him partially paralysed.

Patrick Chandler, 45, admitted attempted murder on fellow Chelmsford Prison inmate Stephen Wilson after attacking him with a large knife, leaving the victim with life-changing injuries.

The incident took place in the prison’s kitchen on July 2, just a few weeks into Chandler’s life sentence, which he received for murdering John Cromer in Barker Close, Lawford, in December.

Peter Clark, prosecuting, said: “”This incident took place in the prison kitchen where he had been allowed to work.

“The victim was 30-year-old Stephen Wilson who was on remand awaiting trial for aggravated burglary.

“Mr Wilson was working in the kitchen when he was stabbed by Chandler, causing him to fall to the floor where he was stabbed multiple times in the front.

“Two inmates intervened, however the defendant retained the knife as prison officers approached and there was a stand off.”

CCTV footage of Chandler after the attack was shown. In it he is seen holding the knife but exclaiming to prison staff he ‘did not have any problem with them’.

After the attack Mr Wilson told police he had known Chandler for around 10 years outside of prison, but said the attack had “come completely out of the blue”.

Mr Clark said: “Mr Wilson recalled the defendant looking at him strangely before the attack like he was ‘looking straight through him’.

“He said Chandler said nothing during the stabbing.

“He was stabbed first in the stomach so forcefully it lifted him off the ground.

“The victim had life-saving treatment by paramedics at the scene which took some time, before he was transferred to hospital.”

He sustained eight wounds to his abdomen, chest, neck, back and arm during the attack.

There were also internal injuries to his lungs.

Mr Clark added: “A stab wound to the back with the knife affected Mr Wilson’s spinal cord, leaving him with a paralysed lower left side of his body.”

Mr Wilson has undergone significant rehabilitation treatment, and although he remains in a wheelchair, it is expected he will walk again.

He has also been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Chandler received a life sentence with a minimum term of 20 years, murder of John Cromer in Barker Close, Lawford, in June.

Judge Charles Gratwicke adjourned sentencing until this morning.