A TATTOOIST is offering a bronze-winning disabled athlete a free Help for Heroes tattoo after being moved by the former soldier's life story.

Mark Turner, known as Moby, who runs a shop in Manningtree saw a clip of an interview with Paul Guest from Kirby le Soken who was left wheelchair-bound after being injured on duty as a mine warfare specialist in 1987.

His neck and spine were damaged, meaning he needs 24-hour care from wife, Michelle, 39.

The father-of-four has just finished competing in the Invictus Games in Sydney where he won bronze for wheelchair basketball and also competed in numerous other events including tennis, powerlifting and athletics.

But the 54-year-old made headlines after a helicopter flying over the tennis court during the match triggered his PTSD - his tennis partner brought him back from the brink of the episode by singing the song from Frozen.

Moby, who runs Moby'z Ink in Manningtree High Street, said: "I saw a clip on Facebook of him doing an interview.

"He was talking about why he gets his tattoos - he said it is because he wanted to hide from what happened to him.

"I could definitely relate to that, mine was because of being bullied but it's nothing like he has been through.

"All of what he has been through, and is still going through it - I can't imagine it.

"He said he would like to have a Help For Heroes tattoo right across his back.

"I want to be the one who does that for him."

Moby has two Help For Heroes tattoos on his legs and is also currently having a large tribute to the First and Second World Wars across his whole back.

He added: "You only have to look at my tattoos to realise I'm very proud of our Armed Forces.

"That's why I want to help and give back. "I give them 20per cent discount if they come here for tattoos.

"Tattoos are very popular and a lot of the army lads and military love a tattoo, I get a lot come in."