AN ADDICTION seminar is being held in Harwich for the first time with organisers saying narcotics are an epidemic in society.

The Narcotics Anonymous Mega Meeting is being held in the catholic church hall in Fronks Road, Dovercourt on December 8 from 6pm to 9pm.

Addicts and residents are all invited to the event, which will include speakers, optional workshops and food.

A spokesman for the meeting, from Harwich, said: "I look around our society and see, smell, hear and know that we have an epidemic amongst us.

"Narcotics are everywhere.

"My wife died from addiction - it was a painful and horrific death.

"I am passionate to see people set free from the deluge of addiction. It kills, destroys and steals.

"I'm a recovered alcoholic and addict, the fellowships of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are remarkable.

"My vision is to bring this to the heart of the community of Harwich and Dovercourt.

"Anyone with a desire to stop using, or a genuine desire to see others set free from addiction are welcome to come."

The event comes after police last week launched a crackdown targeting drug dealers across Tendring in response to a 38 per cent rise in drug trafficking offences.

Speakers at the seminar will include a woman who turned her life of serious crime and addiction around and a long term recovered former heroin addict who has helped hundreds to recover from addiction.

The spokesman, who organised the event, added: "There is clear evidence of drug use in all of our towns.

"It is an epidemic and Harwich has its share.

"I meet addicts both recovered and active everyday. It's tragic.

"If one life is saved or the lives of one family is made better through holding this event it is all very worth while.

"My use of cannabis brought on a psychosis leading to a huge over dose of paracetamol.

"This was after long term depression and a number of years of freedom from alcoholism.

"All addicts are individuals, with unique histories and unique, respected recovery from the hell which is addiction.

"What we all share is a feeling of degradation and isolation.

"Most addicts come voluntarily; some addicts are homeless, while others come earning large salaries. But NA is for anyone with a desire to stop using drugs."