ELDERLY residents are being warned to keep vigilant after three men were found wondering around a care home.

Tendring Police have appealed for members of the public to be on guard after the incident on Saturday afternoon.

Officers posted a warning on Faceook on Tuesday.

It said: "Residents are reminded to be vigilant after three men were found waking freely around a residential care home in Harwich.

"Staff became aware and asked them to leave at 3pm.

"Once outside the main building they ran off.

"At this stage we do not have descriptions other than one male wore a hi-viz jacket.

"However CCTV enquiries are being made as they will have been recorded in HD."

Police have refused to name the care home but said it is believed the men got into the building by following another visitor inside or being "buzzed in" by a resident.

The post added: "Thankfully no offences have been reported.

"Please make sure you know who you are letting in or if you have elderly relatives please make them aware."

Harwich mayor Charlie Powell spoke of his shock at the idea some of the town's most vulnerable residents could have been targeted by criminals.

He said: "Warnings need to go out, this is very concerning to hear about.

"I don't know what to think about the people today.

"To pick on old people who have been through an awful lot in their time.

"They get to later in life when they want to sit comfortably in the warm at home or in a care home, not worry about who to answer the door to.

"These are the ones we should be looking after."