A FIVE-year-old fundraiser doubled the amount raised for Children in Need by his school by selling biscuits.

Lawford Primary School held a fundraising day last Friday for the charity, which supports disadvantaged children across the UK.

Children dressed up in yellow or spots while the school kitchen made spotty cakes to sell during the day and raised £360.

But one reception class pupil raised even more.

August-Vasili Joannides, five, made cakes and biscuits to sell to his community.

He celebrated the many cultural traditions of his family, by making not only traditional Greek biscuits but also some that come from Poland.

Headteacher Abbie Fairbairn said: “Amazingly, August-Vasili raised more money that the whole of the rest of the school together - £393.39.

“We could not be more proud of him.”

Children in Need nationally raised more than £50billion this year.