BEACH huts have been destroyed by flames in an early morning seafront fire.

Damage was also caused to others nearby, next to Cliff Park in Dovercourt, just weeks after attempts were made to break into a number of the beach huts.

Eileen Tyrer, who walks to check the swans and beach huts in the mornings, said: “Previously to this we had been down there and the beach huts had been damaged, someone had tried to break into them.

“Quite a lot of damage had been caused to the Tendring Council owned ones.”

Eileen was walking her dog when she saw the flashing lights of the fire engines.

Firefighters had been called at about 3.40am to the huts near Orwell Road.

She added: “This has been going on for ages.

“A couple of weeks ago nearly every Tendring Council one was damaged in some way.”

Heather Burwood, from the Harwich and Dovercourt Beach Hut Users Association, said: “Two beach huts have been burnt down to ash and one severely damaged on the side and the roof.

“Then we have had some of the council-owned ones broken into and one of ours.

“It looked like someone had been sleeping in there or using it.

“We are all very fond of our seafront and if something like this happens, it hurts us all.”