A TOWN blighted by anti- social behaviour could be set to get two new dedicated PCSOs after years of calls for more bobbies on the beat.

Ivan Henderson, Harwich town councillor, has called for a special meeting to discuss getting two Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) to support the town’s police officers with antisocial behaviour in the area.

At Harwich Town Council’s meeting on Wednesday Mr Henderson proposed an extraordinary meeting to debate Harwich getting the PCSOs.

Mr Henderson told the meeting he had been asked by Tendring’s Chief Inspector Paul Wells about the possibility of having two PCSOs to cover the area.

The PCSOs’ duties would include going on highly visible solo foot patrols, making house visits and offering public reassurance after minor crimes or anti-social behaviour.

Other tasks include protecting crime scenes until police officers arrive, collecting CCTV evidence, and carrying out low-level missing person inquiries.

Mr Henderson said: “I could see from my experience when I was the MP for Harwich that when PCSOs were introduced they were a huge value to the community.

“They were they eyes and ears to the police and massive benefit for the area.”

Mr Henderson said crime levels are rising and anti- social behaviour issues are ongoing in the town centre.

In the past month youths have been found near Dovercourt station with knives, beach huts have been destroyed in a fire and a youth shelter was vandalised.

The latest available crime statistics for the Harwich area revealed there were 187 crimes in the month of September.

Of these crimes, 50 were anti-social behaviour crimes, 58 were violent crimes, and 16 were criminal damage or arson.

Mr Henderson added: “I do know PCSOs would have a very positive impact in Harwich.

“I am sure it would give much-needed support for our police officers.”

During the meeting the council agreed for an extraordinary meeting to be held next week.

A date and time is yet to be confirmed.

Mr Henderson said: “I know councillors would like to know more information but can I request they wait until we have a full discussion and debate.”

If the plan to recruit two PCSOs goes ahead it will be a joint scheme with Tendring Council.

Mr Henderson said the council would have to help fund the initiative with Tendring Council on behalf of the Government.