A PETITIONING parent is holding an 'introduce a friend' event at Manningtree Library in bid to save it from closure.

Holly Turner, of Norman Road, Manningtree, launched an online campaign in November urging the community to join the library in a bid to stop it from being axed.

The mum-of-two set up the campaign to raise awareness Essex County Council could close Manningtree Library within the next two years.

It is one of 25 Essex libraries facing the chop in a council reorganisation of the service, which will save around £2million a year.

Her petition has collected more than 1,000 signatures.

Holly is now holding an 'introduce a friend' event at the library to attract new members to the library.

She said: "The reason for this event is due to the fact that when considering the future of the library, Essex County Council advises that 25 per cent of its decision on making process is around usage of the library.

"The event will be an opportunity for people to share with friends what our library has to offer, which is much more than just books."

The event is taking place at the library on Saturday, January 19 between 10am and 4pm.

Manningtree Town Council is in the process of trying to organise a meeting with Mistley Parish Council and Lawford Parish Council on the matter.

Michelle Taylor, Manningtree councillor, said she was heartened to see more than 100 people voicing their opinions on the future of the library at a public consultation on Wednesday, December 19.

A Manningtree resident has challenge Essex County Council's chairman John Jowers on the plans to close the town's library.

Mr Browning-Smith said he holds Mr Jowers to account to keep the town’s library in its present condition.

He said: “I am holding Mr Jowers accountable because it is Essex County Council which runs the library.

“If Essex County Council closes the library it will be pulling the heart out of Manningtree.

“It’s in the middle of the town and the council should not be closing it.”

He said a vote on the library’s future will be taking place at Manningtree Town Council’s next meeting is on, Thursday, January 17.

He added: “The meeting will give the people of Manningtree some power to vote.

“They have to go and vote and hold to account the chairman of Essex County Council.”