PERMANENT safety measures have been installed on an accident black spot which claimed the life of a teenage girl.

Brickman's Bridge, between Bradfield and Mistley on the B1532, has been the site of several serious accidents with motorists in recent years.

In April 2017, 18-year-old Carys Hammond died in a fatal car accident when her car struck the bridge on Brickman's Hill.

Carys suffered multiple injuries in the crash and was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

Since Carys' death campaigners having been putting pressure on Essex Highways to lower the speed limit from 60mph and install signage on both sides of the bend.

At her inquest in September 2017 Essex Highways made a number of recommendations for the stretch of road which included resurfacing it and fixing the barrier.

More than a year later Essex Highways has finished installing these additional safety measures.

An Essex Highways spokesman said:“As well as the upgraded anti-skid road surface and existing signs, we have installed extra chevron signs indicating a bend.

"This additional vehicle-activated sign is to warn each approaching vehicle with a flashing sign to slow down as there is a bend ahead.

"The safety improvements come after several collisions along this section of the road some of which resulted in serious injuries and sadly one fatal incident."

Carlo Guglielmi, Manningtree councillor, said Essex County Council has put in place the reccomendations made at Carys' inquest in September 2017.

He said: "That's been the driving behind the work.

"I am more than happy to pursue further safety installations if needed.

"There seem to have no been as any accidents on the road since.

"People seem to drive with more care too.

"It's a dangerous bend in the road where the bridge and still needs to be approached with caution in the day and night.

"If there is a call for extra safety measures that's okay, as you can never have too many safety measures in place."