AFTER arriving home following a 5,500 kilometre cycling adventure across the unforgiving Australian Outback, Dennis Warner has shared is day-to-day diary of his "toughest" challenge yet.

It's been quite the year for 59-year-old Dennis, of Little Oakley, who cycled from dusk until dawn for 44 days from the west coast to the east coast of Oz covering an average of 117 kilometres a day.

Embarking solo on the challenge between August and October, he battled with scorching temperatures, arid terrain, unreliable equipment - as well as both mental and psychical exhaustion.

With little human interaction for days on end Dennis kept his mind preoccupied when he wasn't cycling by putting together a daily account of his experience.

But his trip was off to a bumpy start before he had even taken to the saddle.

His diary said: "Arriving at Heathrow airport, I checked in to the Singapore Airlines desk and declared that I was about 16 kilos overweight.

"My expectation was to pay around £50 to £100 maximum for this additional luggage.

"When the check-in person told me the amount due was £1,066 I was gobsmacked."

His entire return ticket to Australia cost £855 alone.

He said: "Trapped between a rock and a hard place I paid the extortionate fee with a heavy heart.

"Not the best start to the trip."

The cycle started in Perth, Western Australia, on August 18.

Dennis said: "Australia is a big place.

"Nearly everyone lives in the big population centres around the coast.

"The centre, with the exception of Alice Springs, is virtually uninhabited."

A week into the trip, Dennis was experiences a huge amount of pain from his daily cycles.

Dennis said in the first week he developed open wounds on both sides of his buttocks and was hardly able to sit on the seat at all.

He became sorer as the days, and weeks continued.

By September 4 he was half way through his challenge and soon arrives in Ayres Rock.

He said: "I was still suffering from saddle sores but was getting used to the discomfort."

Days later he cycled a record 178 kilometres and got his saddle replaced.

Conditions worsened in the days to come and by September 15 weather became extremely difficult to peddle in.

"I was given some water in to the day's ride by a passing 4x4 motorist.

"But the road was rough as hell and the wind was at gale force from the side.

"I had to use dust goggles for the first time as the dust got so bad," he added.

Week five approached and temperatures reached 45 degrees centigrade.

Exhausted from the heat Dennis surprised a mob kangaroos while setting up his tent.

By week six Dennis decided to switch to night riding when the winds were lightest.

October 4 was the final day of both his epic cycling challenge and of struggle for Dennis.

He said the final stretch was from Mount Glorious to the finishing line in Sandgate, on the East Coast.

"Riding fast downhill to the valley - and being careful not to overcook my wheel rims, I arrive at Sanford village and stop for a coffee.

"I continued on the road for a short while until I find the start of the Kedron Brook Bike Trail and follow the trail all the way to Sandgate.

"When reaching the final destination I celebrated with fish and chips with Coke at Don’s Café.

He was welcomed by his close friends who supported him long the way.