A GRANDMA has knitted more than 50 scarves for the homeless.

Pat Johnston, from Colchester, took the advice of her local Slimming World group and started knitting as a distraction from food.

The 72-year-old has created a colourful selection of scarves to give out to people on the streets in the town centre.

She said: "I started making them a couple of months ago, I hadn't knitted anything in years.

"I did make some blankets as well but they may get wet so I'm just sticking to scarves.

"I also have shopping trolleys to give people if they have to carry their things about, and I've got loads of plates and cups for people who have just been given a place to live."

She has a batch of 15 scarves ready to go, she just needs some help delivering the scarves as she has limited mobility.

She said: "I have bad knees so I don't get into town much, I can knit them easily enough, it's just getting someone to take them.

"If I'm in a good mood I can usually knock one out in a night.

"I think the situation is quite sad really, how people survive in this weather I don't know."

If anyone is able to help Pat deliver the scarves, email katherine.palmer@newsquest.co.uk.