AN historic street damaged by “dangerous” potholes and huge dips is finally set to be repaired.

Church Street, in Harwich, is one of the town’s oldest streets and is home to the Grade I listed Guildhall and Forester’s, a building dating back to 1450.

But for more than a year Essex county councillor Ivan Henderson has been calling on the council to resurface the “sinking” road and fill in its hazardous potholes.

Mr Henderson said: “The problems with the road have been ongoing for sometime.

“The residents have been really concerned and the road can be quite dangerous as it is sinking in places.

“It’s really bad in some places.

“So I’ve had officers come down for an inspection and they are going to do proper repair work on the potholes and the defects and will carry out microsurfacing on the road.

“The defects will be properly dealt with and repaired first of all, then after that the council will give the road a complete resurfacing which will be really good for the residents and for the people who use the road.”

One of the main issues with the road, in the town’s conservation area, is that it is sinking.

Mr Henderson added: “I hope the council can get the work done at the start of the summer season.

“The repair work will start straight away for the potholes and then I guess workers will have to wait for the better weather for the resurfacing.

“We will need the public’s cooperation when we get to that stage as their cars will have to be parked away from the street.”

An Essex Highways spokesman said an engineer met with Mr Henderson on-site last week to discuss plans to resurface both Church Street and some nearby roads.

He said: "We fixed one urgent pothole on January 16 and we now have to carry out “pre-patching” work to get the roads ready for microsurfacing over the whole road.

“The microsurfacing work will be done during this summer and will put a new, long-lasting surface on these roads.”

Microsurfacing is a protective seal coat which extends the life of pavement by renewing the road surface and sealing minor cracks and other irregularities.