A SCREENING about one of the most renowned artists of all time is happening in Harwich.

The life and work of Pablo Picasso is being shown in a special screening of Young Picasso at the 1912 Centre.

A spokesman for the screening said: “Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest artists of all time – and until his death in 1973 he was the most prolific of artists.

“Many films have dealt with these later years – the art, the affairs and the wide circle of friends.

“But where did this all begin? What made Picasso in the first place?”

The screening aims to answer these questions by delving into Picasso’s early years and the upbringing that led to his extraordinary achievements.

Directed by Phil Grabsky, the film is being shown on Sunday at 7.30pm.

For tickets and further details, visit electricpalace.com or call 01255 553333.