A BABY had a lucky escape when a runaway car crashed through a shop window in Dovercourt.

A white Ford Kuga carrying a young baby and a woman - believed to be in her 50s - careered into Lewis Day Pharmacy, in High Street, at about 12.40pm today.

Miraculously, police confirmed no-one was injured by the crash.

Morgan Cole, 23, witnessed the collision and checked if the passengers of the Ford were okay and unharmed.

Morgan, who lives in Dovercourt, said: "It happened when I was taking my mum back to her house and walking to my partner's house.

"A white car pulled up on the kerb outside of Accent Stationers, in High Street.

"Then a man came running across the road and the next thing I knew was that a car had ploughed straight into the front window of the pharmacy."

The dad-of-one said the woman who owned the Ford then came rushing across the street towards her car.

He said: "She was shouting that her baby was inside the car."

Morgan got to the car quicker than the owner and opened the door to find a baby in a car seat and a woman on the back seats.

"The baby must have been about a year old," he added.

"They seemed shocked and the mum who was driving the car was hysterical.

"I checked they were all okay and then carried on walking to go and see my daughter."

Morgan claimed the handbrake was on in the car and blamed the strong winds as the reason behind the crash.

Bethany Payne, a Dovercourt resident who was at the scene of the crash, said: "The police were present and cornered off the area around the car.

"I was just coming down High Street on my way home."

An Essex Police spokesman said: "We were called to reports of a collision involving a car and a building at around 12.40pm."

A Day Lewis Pharmacy spokesman has been contacted for further comment.