PLANS for a container port at Bathside Bay split the town, but there was promise of jobs and prosperity.

All that has happened is that a remote, faceless organisation created an eyesore and fenced off a much loved and valued natural asset of the town.

It’s already been lost to a generation of kids and nature lovers.

Hutchison Ports states it “cares for the environment and works with local communities”. Yeah, right!

The Bay is well known by the RSPB.

Why not tear down the fences, build basic wooden walkways over the shoreline habitat, add a few trees and perhaps a couple of benches for walkers and visitors to simply sit and admire the view.

Hutchison, if you ever want to develop there would be nothing stopping you.

In the meantime, do the right thing...give back the Bay. Shape up or ship out!

Andy Mear

Eastgate Street, Harwich