A LARGE lorry crashed into a bus shelter in Bradfield, causing traffic problems.

Police were called at about 10.30am today to the incident in Heath Road.

On arrival the left hand wall of the shelter was wrecked by te vehicle and bricks were scattered over the pavement.

A Bradfield resident, who asked to remain anonymous said, the lorry accidentally reversed into the bus shelter and got stuck.

She said: "The lorry tried to reverse and hit the bus shelter and got stuck on the pavement.

"The driver could not get the vehicle out onto the road and it was jack-knifed.

"He was stuck for several hours until his company came to help him."

She said there is a pavement being installed in the village in Steam Mill Road so part of the road is has been closed.

"There are about three road closure signs but people from outside the village who drive through seem to be ignoring them," she added.

The resident contacted Essex Highways which sent out workers to barrier off the bus shelter from the public to make the area safe.

It was all cleared and the lorry was gone by about 2.30pm, she added.

An Essex Police spokesman said no arrests have been made in connection with the smash.

An Essex Highways spokesperson said: “We always aim to repair damaged bus stops as quickly as possible and we thank the resident for noticing our efforts.”

"It looks like this driver made a mistake, perhaps having seen the road closed signs late. However, with the help of the Parish Council, we are obliged to follow up to try to secure from the insurance company the cost of repairing or replacing the bus stop.”