ESSEX County Council has bid for £99 million for a “rapid transit system” - a fancy name for bus lanes or train line - between the proposed East Colchester garden town and Colchester’s Hythe.

It says up to 7,500 homes could be built on the Tendring/Colchester border, close to Essex University, in the next 30 years. The council says frequent, high-quality, reliable, public transport on “key routes” will “enable housing growth” and reduce the reliance on cars.

It uses the Belfast Rapid Transit Glider, modern buses on bus lanes, as an example of what could be achieved. It adds there will be a new park and ride. It continues, linking the A120 and A133 with a new road will “unlock land to provide housing”, “improve

connectivity” and relieve congestion around Essex University.

A bid of £218 million has been made for the Chelmsford North East Bypass and Beaulieu Railway Station project.