A WEARABLE health monitor made to protect residents from a range of illness now has a new adaptation to predict a heart attack.

Davide Gasparin, of East Street, Dovercourt, launched his hi-tech monitoring system to restore the quality of life to those with crippling health issues in the district last year.

The system named, How Am I (HAI) is a portable device monitoring heart rate, includes an accelerometer to indicate a fall, SOS emergency alarm, GPS location and tracking, reminders, voice commands for blind users and can call emergency services.

The device is targeted at residents who suffer from illnesses like asthma, dementia, diabetes, epilepsy, and heart problems who want to live an independent life outside of hospitals.

The HAI system is linked to Tendring Careline 24/7 if users are in need of medical advice or help in an emergency.

Davide, 55, has now developed a heart monitoring system to predict a heart attack.

He said: "Using our wearable device, using a particularly algorithm, we can receive an alarm if the patient is near to have a heart attack.

"I have to say thank you to my colleagues and Tendring Careline helping me to develop this."

The HAI system is CE certified, meaning it conforms with health, safety and environmental protection standards - and uses certified medical devices.

Davide added: "The important thing is I always use my life to find a way to protect the vulnerable people.

"I can't never forget the eyes of the patients alone in the recovery room, and on that occasion I promised myself that I would found a way to guarantee that nobody was left alone."

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