I REMEMBER thinking back in 2016 that the Brexit referendum, for which many people had fought so hard, was only going to be the first round of a much larger fight.

So it has proved.

The talking heads that appear on our TV screens daily have been locking horns with each other, making dire predictions one way or the other depending on their particular entrenched position, and propagating more propaganda than I can ever remember coming out of a democratic society.

And there’s the rub. These elitists from the so-called political class continually insinuate, if not say out loud, that they are the experts.

They are the educated ones and we little people who so inconveniently voted the wrong way should be totally disregarded.

Well, that’s as may be. We may not be qualified to be judges, or even barristers, but after centuries of English common law we are eminently qualified to be jurors and we gave our majority verdict back in 2016. After nearly three years it is time that was accepted.

Alan Lake

Orchard Close, Ramsey