NEW safety measures are being taken to deter speeding drivers and prevent future accidents from happening on a road described by one disgruntled resident as ‘‘a race track”.

Vehicle-activated speeding signs will soon to be installed on Witham Road in Black Notley, to further emphasise the 30mph speed limit.

Black Notley Parish Council clerk Helen Waterfield said: ‘‘We’ve had a speed audit done on four locations and we are having a vehicle- activated speeding sign installed within the next couple of months on Witham Road, which will flash to remind people of the speed limit.’’

The move comes after locals raised concerns about drivers speeding up as they enter Black Notley and following a crash that saw a motorcyclist flung from his bike last Friday morning after colliding with an oncoming vehicle.

The rider, who was taken to hospital for treatment, is suspected to have suffered spinal fractures.

Other speed-related concerns highlighted in Baker’s Lane are also understood to be under investigation, with the possibility of another vehicle-activated speeding sign also being considered there.