A HAIRDRESSER will be offering appointments for autistic children to give them a hair cut in a relaxed environment.

Lisa-Jane Williams, of Garland Road, Parkeston, has run her self-named hairdressers in the village for the past 25 years.

The 44-year-old mum of three has now decided to hold autism friendly haircuts for children with the disorder or on the autistic spectrum on the last Sunday of every month.

Lisa said she has launched the autism friendly appointments as she knows firsthand how difficult it can be taking autistic children to get their hair cut.

She said: "I have an autistic son, called Hayden, so I know how hard it is getting people’s hair cut who are on the spectrum.

"I wanted to offer my time to them so they can get their hair cut in a quiet environment, with dipped lights where they can play with toys.

"There will be nobody around and they can go on Ipads too."

Lisa, who is also mum of Brandon, 20, and Faith, 11, has completed a lot of courses with 16-year-old Hayden about coping with his condition.

The hair cuts for the youngsters will cost £6 for up to an hour.

No clippers will be used unless they are requested and it will be a calm environment with no noise or bright lights.

Lisa said: "Sometimes just coming into the salon doing same thing over and over is what they need to do - I know that from experience.

"Even coming in and holding my water spray takes them time.

"We don’t want to cause any stress for anybody."

She added her salon has always been a friendly and easygoing place and her stylist has worked there for eight years.

To book up an appointment at Lisa-Jane's Hairdressers, in Garland Road, call 01255 504400.