A WINE and vinyl-loving pair have organised an Easter egg hunt for Manningtree youngsters

Whilmari Swift and her partner, Steve Tattam, who run Winyl, in South Street, have organised the first hunt the town has seen in two years to celebrate Easter.

The idea for the hunt is to get children and their parents or guardians to pick up a map and riddles from Winyl, solve all 15 of them, get a stamp for each place along the way and pick up an Easter egg from The Wholefood Store.

Whilmari, 40, said: "Each business will have a riddle for the children to solve and then need to find the shop, cafe or bar and get a stamp on the map from the business.

"Once they have 15 or more they can return the map to the food store and get their chocolate prize."

They have got about 30 local businesses involved in the hunt.

The event is free for residents and being funded by the Manningtree Business Chamber.

She added: "All this is hopefully to highlight what a lot we have in the town and help especially new residents discover places they might not have gone into otherwise."

"The map will just be a print out of Manningtree town.

"The town has not done a Easter hunt for two years and we thought it might be a good starter to see how people will participate."

Winyl will be giving out maps and riddle sheet on Saturday, April 20 from 11am.