A ROTARY club has raised hundreds to help victims of a cyclone in Africa.

Manningtree Stour Valley Rotary Club has raised a total of £590 for cyclone Idai victims who lost their homes, and had no water or shelter from the disaster.

The long-lived storm caused catastrophic damage in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, leaving more than 1,000 people dead and thousands more missing.

A Manningtree Stour Valley Rotary Club spokesman said: "Aren't we fortunate in this country that we only have weather?

"Rain, cold, grey skies, sunshine, occasional snow and ice - nothing life threatening.

"But imagine living in areas of the world that experience earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes and cyclones that blow or wash away your home and your future.

"Events over which you have no choice, no control."

The money raised by the group will deliver the essentials families need to rebuild their lives - from tents and tools to water filters and solar lights.

Manningtree Stour Valley Rotary Club supports ShelterBox and has sent a box to Malawi.

They cost £590 and include everything that will sustain a family for a considerable time.

To help ShelterBox, join the rotary club or donate money call 01206 396686 or email paddychandler@aol.com for more information.