The world is changing day by day with ever-increasing sized steps, and the will of today’s modern voter may not be the same as all those years ago when the referendum took place, a prime example of changing attitudes is we are now collecting plastic waste floating in the sea, instead of at the time of the referendum it was being thrown in the sea.

Besides that, the Irish Border problem is probably not fixable, if they knew how to do it they would have done it. It will still be a problem in years to come, as you cannot have an open border without inviting pirates, rouges and illegal immigrants of all descriptions to wonder across the border at will.

Once across the open Irish border unchecked contents of vehicles carrying who knows what will be free to enter England, Scotland and Wales via Northern Ireland.

Fake clothing is one thing and will probably not kill you, but fake medicines, skin care products and foodstuffs can kill you, your relatives and your friends.

It is about time for the good of all British citizens that we put leaving the EU on hold until a way can be found to fix the Irish border problem.

When a solution is found, then would be the time to ask what is the will of the people.

Steve Holmes

Stour Close, Harwich