AS most children prepare to chomp their way through their chocolate bunny rabbits this Easter, a Braintree pet store will host a series of workshops about animal welfare.

Pets At Home’s interactive classes, called My Pet Pals, will teach those aged five to 11 about caring and interacting with small furry animals such as guinea pigs, gerbils and rabbits, as well as highlighting the responsibilities that come with owning a pet.

Hosted by the animal retailer’s knowledgeable care advisors, the free workshops will explore the importance of a suitable shelter, high-quality food and water, excellent health and the perfect living environment.

All children attending the workshops will also receive colouring sheets, funky pet stickers and an exciting activity book.

Store manager Keith Allison said: “The My Pet Pals workshops demonstrate how rewarding pets can be and how to care for them, making sure parents and kids understand pet welfare and responsible pet ownership.

"It’s a great way of learning how to keep small furries happy and healthy during a fun and hands-on experience.”

The My Pet Pals workshops take place at the Braintree Retail Park store at 11.30am every day during the school holidays until April 28. Each workshop will last for 30 minutes and bookings can be made at