No doubt you'll have eaten a fair few hot cross buns in the run up to Easter.

But what if you are now looking for alternative ways to enjoy the treat?

Whether you want sweet breakfast suggestions or a savoury main course there are plenty of ideas you can choose from.

Hot Cross Bun Soldiers

Mix sweet and savoury by chopping up your hot cross buns into soldiers, giving them a grill or toast and dipping them in a soft boiled egg.

Hot Cross Bun with avocado, feta and bacon

How about make a truly savoury snack with this suggestion, which proved popular in our office.

Toast and butter your hot cross bun and then top it with avocado, a slice of bacon and some feta cheese.

Hot Cross Bun and butter pudding

Use your hot cross buns as you would bread and butter in a twist on the classic dessert.

Slice and butter the hot cross buns, add a bit of jam if you like, and then cover in custard and bake.

You can always add extra dried fruit if you like.

Hot Cross Bun Croque Monsieur

Aldi suggests giving your hot cross buns a French twist.

Take your hot cross bus, slice them in half and place a slice on ham on.

Grate the cheese and mix with the beaten egg and mustard, season with a little salt and some black pepper.

Divide the cheese mixture between the slices- spreading it almost to the edges of the buns. Grill again for a couple of minutes, until the cheese is golden - and serve.

Hot Cross Bun treacle tart

How about creating a sweet treat for your Easter meal.

Sainsbury's has a recipe for a treacle tart made with hot cross buns.

Follow a normal treacle tart recipe but switch out the breadcrumbs for hot cross buns.