To those not waving, but drowning under a tidal wave of over-development devoid of infrastructure to support such a population spike, will come as some surprise to hear (Standard, April 5) that the leader of Tendring Council could make a better job of Brexit.

The Tendring leader, who isn’t exactly known for listening to the will of local residents when it comes to their protests about an environment wrecking spree, bases his statement on an misguided belief that the council is good at making decisions.

Whether they are the right decisions for community interest seems to have passed this particular lesson by.

Swallow your pride occasionally Mr Stock; it’s not fattening.

Labour group leader Ivan Henderson rightly draws attention to deprivation, elderly isolation and child poverty, but that’s not the Tory way.

What is taking place in Parliament, Mr Stock, is actually democracy in action.

Isn’t that what the Brexiteers’ base is founded on?

Sovereignty and making our own laws?

The Brexit belief is founded on the proverb that the grass is always greener over the septic tank.

I cannot say if the president of the EU will benefit from the vigorous intellect of a council leader, even one as self-promoting as Neil Stock, given his disastrous and unpalatable housing decisions.

I do not expect Donald Tusk will be calling him soon.

Collin Rossini
Main Road, Dovercourt