Regarding the letter from Alan Wheeler (April 12) with regards to Shamima Begum, he is right in what he says, but there is probably a better way than just letting her return to the UK.

If she is sincere then why not let her work for a British charity abroad for five or six years? If she is still there after that time and still wants to return to the UK then she could apply again for British citizenship.

If she has been sincere then let her return.

She may be sincere but why should the British taxpayer pay to keep her locked up for a few years which will prove nothing, when she could be doing charity work in places like Africa and at the same time proving herself worthy of returning to Britain as a citizen.

Throughout my life I have always been willing to give a second chance to someone who has asked for another chance providing they appeared sincere.

I was baptised a Christian but I am always willing to accept and would worship alongside any loving and caring based religion.

I believe in mankind regardless of colour or creed, there is good and bad in all of us, but we are judged on the path we tread in this life. (Karma) I am not a do-gooder, as people who know me would testify. I can be as tough as old boots, but everyone makes mistakes and should be given a chance to make amends.

I know Shamima Begum’s family are in Britain, but there is a passage in the Bible, where Jesus talks about family (Mathew 12 verse 50).

Steve Holmes Stour Close, Harwich