THE fundraising coordinator of one of the region's key youth organisations has pledged to do any challenges the public sets to engage people in its latest initiative.

Trevor Edwards, 34, is saying "yes" for YES, the Youth Enquiry Service, which reaches out to more than 2,000 young people in Colchester and Tendring each year.

He has recruited the help of Colchester beauty pageant contestant and founder, Natalie Moloney, and will be doing some of the challenges on his birthday on June 5.

Adventurous members of the public are also invited to join Trevor in some of the challenges or set up their own personal fundraising event.

Trevor said: “In my short time as the fundraising coordinator, it has struck me just how prevalent the need is for this type of service and how limited services currently are.

"I’m excited to be taking this on and I challenge people to be as creative as possible.

"Every pound raised is an investment in the future of young people.

"YES has been here supporting young people for 30 years. With your help, we could be here for 30 more.”

The fundraising duo are also working on ideas but leaving suggestions open to the public, promising a prize for the idea which raises the most money.

With exciting events like a fire walk being planned, which anyone can get involved in, YES is hoping to counter the cuts to statutory funding by gaining community support.

YES’ youth counselling program costs about £100,000 a year to facilitate and sees approximately 1,350 young people between 11 and 25 years old.

Send your suggestions before May 31 or find out how to get involved in individual events by email to, or call 01206 710771.