FORGET about taking back control of our borders, who ever controls 5G (“fifth generation” wireless technology) rules Britain and its people.

After the furore surrounding 5G this week I decided to look further into what the implications of 5G are and how it will impact of all of our lives.

I am not sure that mankind in general will benefit.

The powerful will and the general population may benefit to start with, but given just a short amount of time the powerful and the rich will manipulate and control everyone else using 5G.

I came to the conclusion that the general public will be told what to do and how high to jump in all aspects of their lives, or suffer the consequences.

We all know that it will be used for the wrong reasons, greed, profit and power.

It will also cost thousands, maybe millions of workers their jobs, so who will be paying the taxes to keep the infrastructure the general public rely on going?

Maybe the cost of financing 5G could be better spent improving peoples lives today and saving the planet, after all we can all turn on a toaster, we do not need a communication system to do it for us.

Communities may be better places for the general population to live in if 5G did not come here.

A few years ago they made a film called Enemy of the State with Will Smith and Gene Hackman, where every aspect of someone’s life can be controlled, manipulated and altered by whoever controlled the system.

At the time the film was made it was mainly futuristic, but with the arrival of 5G it will be here.

I do suggest watching the film before calling me a crank as you might in hindsight agree with me.

Steve Holmes

Stour Close, Harwich