Harwich Branch Labour Party wishes to place on record its pride and pleasure in the fact that the residents of Harwich, Dovercourt and Parkeston have placed their faith in so many local labour candidates and have elected them to represent them on Harwich Town Council and Tendring District Council for the next four years.

Our councillors are mindful of the responsibility that goes alongside this and take on that responsibility willingly.

We are very proud of our election campaign which saw labour candidates, members and supporters knock on over 4,300 doors to introduce our candidates and to listen to the views of those we sought to represent.

We believe that the dedication, energy and experience of our local labour councillors meant that we had a fine record over the last four years on which to stand in this election and the people of the Harwich Peninsula clearly felt the same.

We wish to thank all of labour’s team for their remarkable dedication and commitment over the last few months as we would not have been able to get our message out without you.

We would also like to thank Tendring Council’s electoral services department for all that they did to ensure a smooth, well run and courteous election.

It is now time for our locally elected councillors to use the mandate given by local residents to do the best we possibly can for Harwich, Dovercourt and Parkeston and you can be assured that we will all do just that.

Charlie Powell

Chairman, Harwich Branch Labour party