A GRAFFITI artist has returned to finish a controversial war-themed mural on an historic seafront fort.

Residents spoke out about the spray-painted picture on the side of a Beacon Hill Fort building on Dovercourt seafront when it appeared last month.

While some people supported the picture, calling it "poignant" and "tasteful", others hit out at graffiti on a scheduled ancient monument, which is owned by Tendring Council.

But despite the responses, the artist, believed to be named Aroma from Ipswich, has returned to put the finishing touches to the remembrance themed artwork.

Harwich and Tendring councillor for the area, Ivan Henderson said: "Some people are saying it looks quite nice and it makes the walk along the stretch of promenade more interesting and gives more information about the area and history.

"It would be better if it was more organised though.

"I think Tendring Council should leave it there for now.

"It looks okay, but I think if it were to continue the person who has done it, they obviously have a lot of talent, it would be useful to use that artistic talent to good causes around the town which are more organised.

The artist has added more detail to the warship in the seafront mural and written "Lest We Forget" at the side.

But a spokesperson for Tendring Council has re-iterated concerns that the mural had been created on a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

He added: “Although the current piece may be well-intentioned, we must also have regard to the historic nature of the site and the dignity of the structures.

“We would ask that the public respects the parts of the structures that are accessible, and we are considering what to do next in terms of the artwork that has appeared.”